One of my oldest and dearest friends sent me a message this week asking me about pregnancy and if her body was going to return to how it was once her baby had been born.

I could hear the worry in her voice. She had lost control of her body and she didn’t know if she was going to get it back. I didn’t want to worry her even more and I did tell her the truth, just maybe not the whole truth.

It’s likely that her body will bounce back; I mean you should see this girl she absolutely smoking hot with a body that just won’t quit. She makes me sick. But, she’ll never feel it’s the same. Nothing will ever be the same once that baby arrives, but she won’t care.

Okay, maybe she’ll care a little. I’m not gonna sit here behind my keyboard and pretend that I don’t miss who I was pre-beans. That would be a lie, a massive fucking lie. I miss my old life all the time. The only think I don’t miss is my old body – the stress of having early babies, a very sick pregnancy and breast feeding have all resulted in me being a couple of stone lighter (yay!).

Anyway, she had the normal concerns surrounding stretch marks and a flabby belly. All of which, I told her, she’ll probably have. Just not for long.

This brief, but wonderful text chat really got me thinking. As a whole, when we’re pregnant we worry about the changes to our body. We think about how we’re gonna get fat, our tits are gonna sag and chances are our fanny will never be the same. We grieve for our bodies without even knowing if we’re going to lose them.

When I was pregnant I loved the feeling of getting bigger and felt so incredibly proud of what I was achieving. I’ve now forgotten that feeling, but everyday I know what it feels like to have four little hands wrapped around my legs whilst I’m trying to wash up. The stretch marks and C-section scar are totally worth that feeling.

The post bean body is fucking incredible and (despite the impression I may give off) I’m proud of it, saggy tits and all. Sure, the spanx help. Who gives a shit, I grew two humans!!!