My beautiful daughters have so much personality it has to explode out of their tiny bodies some how. They can’t possibly keep it in. They don’t show me this by cuddles, kisses or general sweetness…nope. I get piles and piles of sass.

I’m not gonna lie, it makes me super proud, but it can be pretty tricky to deal with. The other day, bean#1 was simply refusing to leave the house because I had taken her hat off. I know you think this is reasonable, but her hat was in fact a cardboard box.

This morning bean#2 decided she didn’t want to be in the living room whilst I got her sister dressed, she wanted to be in the kitchen.  I told her, in my lovely mummy voice “No sweetheart. It’s too cold in the kitchen and we’ve got to go in a few minutes.” but all hell then broke lose.

She went full on fucking sass. Stomped to the corner of the room, looked at me from over her shoulder, picked up her snuggly Nelly comforter and said “No mummy. Stop.” Then came the tantrum. Full on crazy shit went down.

The day has now finished and I have wine (thanks to my wonderful Momma Bear) and I’m sat here wondering how I deal with the sass without squashing it out of them completely. I love that they’re already so strong and determined, I don’t want them to lose that. How the fuck do I find the balance?!

I asked my mum, it seemed like the logical thing to do. Her response: “You can’t ‘deal’ with it my love. It’s who they are and it will always be one of the things you’ll be most proud of them for. Their sass will provide them with a world of possibilities, comfort and respect. You’ll be proud, because I am.”

So there you have it. You can’t deal with the sass of toddler daughters or stroppy teenagers, but you can revel in the sass of a grown-up kick sass woman.