My beans are identical twins. They were in one sack that was separated by a membrane and shared a placenta. Their insides are exactly the same – if one of them needed an organ transplant, she wouldn’t even have to take the ‘anti rejection’ drugs because her body wouldn’t even know it wasn’t her original organ. They are exactly the same.

BUT, they are so absolutely unique in who they are. They are totally their own person and it makes my heart swell with pride.

Bean#1 is the oldest, by about 30 seconds. It was her who wanted to come out three months early and it’s her who has been in charge ever since. She is defo the bean in charge, having said that she is defo the protective bean too. She’s the one who gives kisses to her sister, holds her hand when we’re out and about and rubs her back to reassure her when she’s sad.

Bean#1 has so much sass. If she had it her way, she’d be the boss of the household. She will tell me to sit on the naughty step, she’ll tell me to calm down when I’m dancing in the kitchen and she always tells her dad to stop singing in the car (she dances when I sing cos I sound fucking ace). She has so much fire.

She is also the sensitive and cautious sister. She’ll need to figure that slide out before she goes down it. If bean#2 doesn’t want to hold her hand then she’ll have a little cry. She’s proud of her sister and is always showing her off – telling anyone who will listen that she is HER sister (as if they wouldn’t know). I think she’s going to be an old soul.

People say she’s like me. I think that’s just because she stubborn and lazy. She doesn’t want to go for a walk, she’s not a fan of dirt and nature. She’d much rather snuggle on the sofa eating snacks and watching a film. She will NOT say sorry easily. She’ll sit on that naughty step for ages, pouting her lips and folding her arms. She’ll cave in the end because she’s a good girl – and I’m more stubborn.

Bean#2 is not always the sharpest knife in the draw. She won’t take the time to figure shit out, she’ll just dive straight in. Not only does she not have to figure the slide out before she goes on it, she’ll fall off it first time and still go back for more and more. The girl is fearless. I think it’s because she knows that bean#1 is always there, always standing by and protecting her.

The girl will not sit still. She is so fucking busy. She’ll mince about the house in nothing but a nappie, wellies and a woolly hat acting all important and getting things that her sister has requested. So unaware of how adorable and hilarious she is. She’ll stop if she is sleepy mind, just like her twin she does like a sleep, but not for long.

When we go for walks she’ll be running some place she shouldn’t. Getting too close to the edge and dirt under her finger nails. Always testing the limits and wanting to see how far she can go. Unlike her sister, she’ll say sorry when she needs to. She doesn’t wanna be wasting time on the naughty step, she’s got shit to do!

Much like her sister, bean#2 loves a cuddle, just not as often. She’ll grace your lips with a kiss and hug your legs when you’re making dinner, but doesn’t really want to sit and snuggle. There is an exception to this though and that’s night time. She loves herself a snuggle in bed. She puts her tiny arms around my neck and pulls me in so we’re nose to nose. I can feel her little breath on my face and feel her arms start to relax as she starts to unwind after a day of being incredibly busy and important.

Bean#1 loves to be carried around, but that’s just because she’s a princess and lazy (to think, people say she’s like me!), bean#2 is a little more independent and wanting to do everything “me-self”. Both in their own way, owning the situation.

Bean#1 is like me but very much a daddy’s girl, bean#2 is more like her dad but totally a mummy’s girl. They do say opposites attract. Having said that, they will always be each others first choice. They can handle no mummy, no daddy and no nanny, but they need each other constantly, they need their “yar-yar”. There is a connection between them that we’ll never understand. It’s their bond, and we’re not getting in.

Despite their differences and similarities, they’re both so incredibly kind and loving. Their hearts are full of love for each other and everyone they meet. They’re not even three years old and I’m already bursting with pride and admiration. I’ve fucked up a lot in life, I’m still fucking up and making massive mistakes – literally daily – but they couldn’t give a flying shit. They love me and show me that everyday. I’ll do all I can to keep their fire burning, sass flag flying and kindness growing.

Two identical beans that totally took over my tiny world.