Is it okay to kiss your kids on the lips? Yes you fucking moron. They literally grew inside of my body; they’re the only people on this earth who know what my heart sounds like from the inside and I wipe the shit from their bums everyday. If I want a kiss, I’m gonna get me a kiss.

The idea of it being anything other than love for my child is, frankly, fucked up.

Same rule applies to their dad. He may not have done the hard work and grown them, but he did (kinda) contribute to making them. They are half of him and he loves them more than any word could describe. A kiss is just one way of displaying that love.

My beautifully strange beans like to give french kisses. They’ll grab your face in their little hands and give you a kiss with their tongue poked out. They find it hilarious. It’s totally, 100 per cent innocent. To them it’s just a game, it’s just funny. It’s that simple.

When they have a ‘baddy’ they want it kissed better. Wouldn’t it be really cruel for me to say “no sorry darling, I can’t kiss you better. You’ve got to get over it yourself”? They wouldn’t understand that, they’d start to think that kissing was bad and something that you should avoid when in fact it is the total opposite.

Giving my children affection is one of the best feelings in the world and I’m so proud of how open they are with their emotions and affections. They adore each other and are constantly giving each other kisses, as they are me and their dad. When they’re teenagers they’ll shut me out of their room and not tell me what problem is weighing so heavily on their shoulders, so I’m gonna take those kisses, french or not, whenever I can get them.

Children are innocent, one day they will realise that a kiss can be more than a simple thing that makes your baddy feel better. I think we should let that day come naturally. Lets not rush it.

I’m not naïve. I know that there are some sick fucks out there that do things they deserve to swing for, but the majority of us just kiss our kids because we love them.

There are safeguarding tools available that we can use to help us teach our children what is acceptable and what isn’t. There is always a balance.

I suggest we stop making parents second guess if they should show their children affection, but instead focus our energies on things that are fundamentally wrong – you know like hitting, verbally abusing and being cruel.