So I am watching trashy TV, like total shit…celebs go dating (it’s addictive!). Gemma Collins off of The Only Way Is Essex is on it and wowzers, the girl has got attitude.

At first, I was like “fuck me this bird is a stuck up bitch. Who does she think she is talking to people like that?” Then I carried on watching and had a complete 360 (I think that’s a spin around). Okay, so I don’t want to be her friend, but now I kinda think that I wanna be like her…a little bit.

Why is when women are confident, and admittedly rude, we instantly think they’re a bitch? She could go about things a whole lot nicer (god, I hate the word nice) but ultimately she just knows what she wants and she’s not prepared to waste her time if that ain’t it.

Couldn’t we all be a little bit more like that? Couldn’t we all know our worth a little bit more? I went to an all girls school so that could explain a lot, but I have defo kissed a couple of lads in my younger years because I didn’t feel like I could say no. I didn’t fancy them, but they showed me interest so I obligated their advances.

Gemma Collins would never kiss a guy she didn’t fancy. She wouldn’t even talk to a lad she didn’t think was a beaut; she’s got more respect for herself than that.

Isn’t that something we could all learn from? If we respect ourselves and value ourselves, we’re more likely to be treated with the same from others.

My beans are so full of confidence and I don’t want them to ever lose that. They know their worth, if they don’t wanna cuddle you, then they won’t. If they don’t want to do something, you’ve gotta convince them why they should. I’m not saying that we should live life like that forever, but we should keep some of it.

Basically, we should respect ourselves and not treat ourselves like shit.

We will make mistakes, we’ll do things that don’t make us feel good abut ourselves and we will defo do things because we feel obligated or we think that they’ll make us feel better. But just because we’ve done those things, we shouldn’t then beat ourselves up forever. We should learn from them, and realise that we’re worth more.

To my beans, please always be kind to yourselves. Others will judge you, so you don’t need to judge yourselves. Embrace the GC, and remember that you’re always worth more than you’ll ever think you are.

** SIDE NOTE: Muggy Mike on the programme however, total prick! Treating girls like total pieces of shit and showing them absolutely no respect. “It depends what she is wearing?” Go fuck yourself Mike, you look like a total prick and you’ve obvs got absolutely no moves in the bedroom and probably don’t even know how to use your index finger, yet alone your cock. NO ONE needs any piece of Mike in them, he’s fucking vile.