To that parent that is giving their toddler a McDonald’s for their tea, I know you’re doing your best. Your child may not have eaten anything in three days and you’ve thrown too many casseroles, pasta dishes and vegetable bakes in the bin. Not only are you now skint and your food waste is over flowing, but you’re worried out your fucking mind! If a chicken nugget dipped in red sugar sauce is what’s going to keep that little monkey climbing the walls. Give the girl a 20 pack!

To the mum dropping her child off to nursery in your PJ’s and Ugg boots, I know you’re doing your best. You’ve been at work the whole day the day before and then been up all night cleaning the house, washing, cooking and working out how you’re gonna pay for the 17,000 birthday parties your kid has been invited to. It’s likely your beautiful little cherub then had a bad dream and needed to sleep as close to your insides as possible then, for some cruel unknown reason, woke up in a foul mood and needed 45 minutes of your time to just change a fucking nappy and put a sodding dress on.

To the dad on his phone in the park whilst your child shouts at him to watch, I know you’re doing your best. Your child, as adorable as it is, has gone up and down that fucking slide 24 times in the last six minutes. You’ve seen it, you’ve clapped, you’ve smiled and high fived; now you need some ‘me time’. You haven’t gone to play for your local sports team since the sprog arrived and you kinda miss it on the weekend, so you can allow yourself five minutes to check the score whilst your child is happy, content, safe and lets face it, having a fucking ball.

To the single mum who is working all she can and raising her kids with a limited support network around her, I know you’re doing your best. Sending your kids to school when they’re not feeling 100 per cent is something you have to do cos you’ve gotta pay those bills bitch. Phoning in sick to work cos your kids are actually red with a temperature and spewing up everything they swallow because of a bastard cough, is a decision you have to make. Your family aren’t around the corner and your friends have their own children to prioritise.  Sisters gotta do this shit for themselves sometimes.


To the single dad who is taking his toddlers to the pub on a Super Sunday afternoon and having a pint whilst ordering the kids a chippy tea, I know you’re doing your best. You’ve taken them to the park and the farm; they’ve had plenty of water, fruit and vegetables throughout the weekend so you deserve a bit of ‘dad time’. You haven’t had a pint in weeks cos the kids have been ill and you’ve had to be on you’re a-game. Work pressures have been insane and you’ve got no wife around to off load them on. Cool your jets, have that pint and enjoy the moment.

As parents we spend too much time judging ourselves and those around us. We’re all doing our best and at the end of the day, what more can we do? We’re fucking superhero’s and we should own that shit.