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I like to overshare things about my life so setting up my own blog seemed the next logical step.

20.12.18 – I’m not fucking Superwoman

So I just totally lost my shit with the beans. I didn't really shout, I just told them how it was. I spoke to them like they knew what the fuck I was on about and now, as they're sat... Continue Reading →

08.11.18 – how is your morning going?

This is me trying to be a dynamic mum who gets her shit together every morning in a bid to make the evening that little bit easier. So beans...what do you want for dinner tonight?

20.10.18 – Will it ever hit home that I’m a mum?

I've been a mum for almost four years and I still can't believe I'm responsible for two tiny humans. I'm one of the most irresponsible people you'll ever meet. I just wing every aspect of my life, motherhood included. The... Continue Reading →

10.10.18 – #worldmentalhealthday

If you’re lucky enough to have never suffered with mental health issues then you may attach the cliché stigma of “man up” or “pull yourself together” to it, but deep down we all know it’s not that easy. My mental... Continue Reading →

28.09.18 – Will I ever grow up?

DISCLAIMER: I have drunk (lots of) wine. I never struggle to think of what to blog about, if anything I very often stop myself writing about stuff because I appreciate not everyone is an open book. Some people in my... Continue Reading →

11.09.18 – If you had a magic wand?

Every single day my beans blow my mind. They’re so happy with their life, so content in knowing how much they’re loved and how important they are. I don’t want them to ever lose that feeling. Since me and the... Continue Reading →

26.08.18 – being kinder to ourselves

Earlier this year I had a couple of sessions with a shrink. She was lovely, kind, fierce and made perfect sense. But I'm a stubborn fuck and I didn't have enough time with her for me to take onboard what... Continue Reading →

11.08.18 – Counting my blessings

Soooo....I've not blogged in ages because it turns out this "doing it on your own" shit can be pretty time demanding. For example, I should probably be sleeping now, rather than eating hummus and Doritos for my dinner and writing... Continue Reading →

02.06.18 – when you try and try, but you’re still massive as fuck.

Today I had such a lush day with my little beans. We went to the "nail shop" in the morning for mummy to get her nails done (I was feeling a bit shit and thought "fuck it. I'm gonna spend... Continue Reading →

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