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I like to overshare things about my life so setting up my own blog seemed the next logical step.

11.08.18 – Counting my blessings

Soooo....I've not blogged in ages because it turns out this "doing it on your own" shit can be pretty time demanding. For example, I should probably be sleeping now, rather than eating hummus and Doritos for my dinner and writing... Continue Reading →

02.06.18 – when you try and try, but you’re still massive as fuck.

Today I had such a lush day with my little beans. We went to the "nail shop" in the morning for mummy to get her nails done (I was feeling a bit shit and thought "fuck it. I'm gonna spend... Continue Reading →

16.05.18 – I’m gonna throw in the towel and live on a riverboat

Yep, that's today's mood (and yesterday's actually). Had a tough night with the beans last night. When I put them to bed they decided their backs hurt so I kissed them better, then I hear four little feet and sounds... Continue Reading →

03.05.18 – #MaternalMentalHealthAwarenessWeek my story

As this week marks maternal mental health awareness week, I thought I’d share my own story. For those of you who know me or have read my previous posts, you’ll know my beans were born at 26 weeks – exactly... Continue Reading →

01.05.18 – Being true to myself

I'm quickly learning more and more that I'm a total people pleaser. I'll order a pizza to share even though I don't really like pizza, I'll not tell a person how I'm feeling in case it's not what they want... Continue Reading →

18.04.18 – Doing our best

To that parent that is giving their toddler a McDonald's for their tea, I know you’re doing your best. Your child may not have eaten anything in three days and you’ve thrown too many casseroles, pasta dishes and vegetable bakes... Continue Reading →

16.04.18 – Judge me when you’ve walked a mile with my sassy beans

Today the beans went to nursery for the first time on a Monday. I've always had Monday's off and spent the day with them either being lazy or doing something to make them wanna go home and be lazy. When... Continue Reading →

11.04.18 – Love and safety. It’s that fucking easy

All anyone actually wants is to be loved and feel safe. Well that’s my opinion anyway. The beans feel confident because they know I’ve got their back, they know that no matter what I will always be there to pull... Continue Reading →

09.04.18 – bossed the first weekend

So how was your first weekend as a “single mum”? I hear you all scream…well firstly thank you for asking it’s nice to know you care; and secondly, it was pretty fucking epic truth be told. On Saturday we had... Continue Reading →

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